WE DESIGNED AND HAND BUILT our 4-yard long printing press out of industrial cast-offs, helicopter bearings, and recycled American steel.  We couldn't find the tools we needed when we first started out, so we built them ourselves, using photos of American printing equipment from the 1950s. Inspired by the ingenuity of America's bygone textile industry, we've developed printing systems for other print shops, too. We hope to continue to develop new technology for printmaking in the future.



THROUGHOUT DESIGN AND PRODUCTION we use all-natural, sustainable materials whenever possible. We use only GOTS-certified inks in our print shop.  The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the leading certification for textile processing and manufacturing, defining international requirements for environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing.  We strive to use only GOTS-certified organic fabrics as well.

GOTS is the highest standard for clean air and clean water manufacturing facilities, as well as ethical treatment of workers – and that’s all before it gets to our studio.



PIANO NOBILE HAND-PRINTED FABRIC is available to the trade in a wide variety of linen, cotton, and silk suitable for interiors, furniture, home goods, and accessories.  

In addition to our portfolio of prints, we are pleased to offer exclusive commissioned patterns, custom palettes and hand-mixed ink.  Design services include pattern and palette development, consulting, and fabrication. Contact us to inquire about fabric by the yard:  info[AT]studiopianonobile[DOT]com.