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Piano Nobile in The Seattle Times Today

This little blurb follows an article in the Retail Report of the Business section about a local stationery printer that focuses on "feel-good cards, books, and journals".  Read it online.

And in case you missed it, here's a link to Ali Brownrigg's lovely article about Piano Nobile on her nwsource.com shopping blog, called Minding the Store. 

dao jewelry, piano nobile printshop

Introducing the Positivity Project

Danielle shared an idea with me, inspired by the sometimes scary, sometimes exhilarating times we live in:

“Let’s collaborate on a project that uses the plus sign as a symbol for positive thinking. You know, like ‘Yes We Can’! I want people to wear our pieces to help keep hopes up, even though things are kind of crazy right now. And I want them to share those high hopes with their community. And I want us to be a good example by donating to a good cause.”(I’m paraphrasing for brevity)

So we got to work, drawing and printing and tinkering until we made this new collection called the Positivity Project. Danielle created a group of lightly textured coin-sized medallions in sterling silver, punctuated by plus signs. These jangling baubles appear on a necklace and charm bracelet. The collection’s three rings cleverly display a plus sign on the base of the band, like a smiling secret.

I improvised a suite of individually hand-printed tote bags and organic cotton t-shirts. Printed over a grid of tiny, hand-drawn polka dots, the translucent plus signs move into formations that never quite repeat.

Our definition of positivity is printed inside of each shirt and bag; it is a three-part statement of community spirit:

1. the quality of being encouraging

2. an amount greater than zero

3. the state of being positive

My favorite part of developing this project was the discovery of Nest, a fantastic non-profit organization that supports women artists and artisans in developing nations as they launch their own craft-based businesses. Nest offers micro-loans and other business opportunities as a way to promote self-sufficient local economies and empower small business owners. Danielle and I were so excited to learn about this innovative service directed at artists across the globe. We are happy to announce that 5% of the retail price of each piece in the Positivity Project will be donated to Nest. Please visit Nest’s website to learn more!

It all started with the Bau Ring, one of our favorite pieces Danielle designed in 2008, and now it has grown to a whole collection that we are very pleased to share with you. Enjoy!