Where do the everlasting gobstoppers come out?

Nick's latest design:  not a piece of architecture or a piece of furniture, or at least not the kind of furniture most people are used to.  This intricate drying system arrived at our neighbors' printshop, D&L Screenprinting, in less than perfect working order, and Nick took on the task of diagnosing and treating it.  Basically, it is a giant warehouse-sized mechanical centipede that scoops up prints as they leave the press, allowing them to air dry as they moved down the room to a catching station at the other end.  It's called a wicket dryer.  Here's a little movie that shows the hand-off between the press and the dryer/centipede.

The system of wheels and belts pictured below are part of the new apparatus Nick designed to bridge between the two pieces of equipment.  Although it was a long time coming, we are all really excited to see the dryer up and running, producing more of D&L's incredible posters.  Better living through repurposed arcane technology!