dao jewelry

april showers bring may flowers from dao jewelry

As I was shuffling around our products in the online stock room, I began to notice how many floral or plant-inspired pieces Danielle has designed over the past year.  The blossoming dogwood pin above, unfurls around a sparkling opal (Jessore Pin).  I love this piece:  it reminds me of the dogwood tree in my parents' front yard.  Here are a few more of my favs: the Tadau Pendant, Tadau Ring, and brand new Bouquet Pin.


Danielle uses sterling silver wire to create intricate vine-like earrings which remind me of the young pea plants that are just beginning to wrap around their trellises in my slap-dash container garden. These hoops are part trellis and part plant, don't you think? Indore Earrings, Sillod Earrings, Murree Earrings