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Guest Blogger Danielle from dao jewelry: wood I? could I?

Fall always signals something new for me. Perhaps it stems from all those years of going 'back to school'. So it is at this time that I embark on new work for the coming season - blending wood with silver.

A walk in Central Park sparked this new direction when I stumbled upon a piece of tree bark that had been forced from its home following a wild thunderstorm. The natural variations in the grain and texture immediately brought to mind myriad sketches of organic and natural jewelry designs.

Having a somewhat limited knowledge of wood I began experimenting with a variety courtesy of my friends at Piano Nobile. They supplied me with the finest stock their Pacific Northwest forestry could offer. I gravitated toward the rich, bold Oregon Walnut to create what is now known as the wood frame earrings.

And the fun doesn't stop there - there are finishes to explore! So many, from oils to water based varnishes.
The learning has been fascinating. But what really amazes me is the process of executing my new wood jewelry designs. In making silver jewelry, so many tools and machines lend a dramatic hand in my creation process. Yet, in my work with wood, I relish the serenity in working with just a jeweler's saw and 220 grit sandpaper. The quiet duo takes me to a new place, just as I and nature intended.