WantedDesign Event at Museum of Arts & Design

If you're on the island of Manhattan this week, you might like to head over to MAD, the Museum of Arts and Design, for the latest panel discussion in their Design + Making Series on Thursday, March 27 at 7 pm.  

Piano Nobile and the group of Seattle design studios who will show together at WantedDesign in May will be represented by Joe Kent of Fruitsuper Design

Here's the description from the MAD website:  

Designing + Making: Traditional Skills in the Contemporary Environment

What role do traditional “craft” skills and the handmade play in today’s contemporary landscape of design and production? How much change has occurred, what innovation can be discovered in historic methods, and what traditions no longer apply to today’s and tomorrow’s production? WantedDesign and the Museum of Arts and Design team for this evening conversation with leading US manufacturers and designers to explore case studies in the adaptation of traditional skills to the contemporary environment. 

 MAD is fabulously located on Columbus Circle, on the corner of Central Park.  You can also find Piano Nobile's Textile Trays and Plates in the MAD store while you're there!