Organic is a term shrouded in mystery and fraught with political landmines. Why buy organic milk, veggies, or eggs? What about organic mattresses and organic couches? Most people can't afford to turn their whole home organic (definitely not this little printmaker!), but we try to pick and choose the products with the most impact, in the environment, the industrial manufacturing stream, and in our daily lives.

I want to point you to one of our favorite partners, O Ecotextiles, if you are interested in reading more about industrial fabric production, and a great argument for buying organic when it comes to the textiles in your home. Not preachy or self-righteous, the two moms behind O Ecotextiles started to search for something better for their own families. And when they found that something better, they figured out a way to introduce it to their friends and neighbors, and it just keeps growing. One of the biggest lesson I've learned from them as a textile manufacturer is that it's not about the surface labels -- the organic sticker -- but about the whole production system, from the workers to the air and water in the factory, all the way to my studio.