Dao Jewelry Adds a New Positivity Necklace

Thanks to an inspiring customer named Gary, Danielle headed back to the jewelry bench to create a Positivity Project Necklace sized for a man.  These charms represent the positive change we can bring to the world, a simple matter of adding something good. Each necklace includes a pair of handmade plus sign charms with a brushed finish, strung on a sterling silver ball chain. Slightly larger than the original design, the new Men's Positivity Necklace shares the same uplifting message on a more masculine scale: a 24-inch long chain and charms that measure approximately 24 mm.  (The women’s necklace features an 18-inch long chain and charms that measure approximately 20 mm.) 

We want to encourage you to think positive! We hope this special collection of handmade jewelry and accessories, embellished with plus signs, will remind the wearer to share a positive attitude with everyone around them.

The Positivity Project donates 5% of the retail price of each piece to Nest, a non-profit organization that supports women artists and artisans in developing countries, helping them build their own entrepreneurial businesses. Visit Nest!